"Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity.
It is an act of fundamental human right,
the right to dignity and a decent life."

Nelson Mandela



The Dream Factory SA is a non-profit organization that is committed to offering young people a future through vocational education.

By assembling a unique range of education, we aim to open the door to a future for an increasing population of youngsters who threaten to be excluded from the current system.

Our students learn a trade by means of apprenticeship training, which will help them to secure a position in a society filled with potential, but, unfortunately, doesn’t distinguish itself yet with actual chances.

Besides an, almost obvious, curriculum which highly values linguistic and arithmetic teachings, naturally supplemented with vocational sector courses for the education chosen, The Dream Factory SA offers a unique pack of subjects focused on the personal growth of the student as an individual in a society that is rich with impressions.

Dreamfactory SA Students

South Africa is a nation in development and The Dream Factory SA wants to help these youngsters participate in this development.

Through creative and social-emotional education, the student learns to not only hold his balance as an entrepreneur in an economical context, but also to evolve as a human being in a socially engaged context.

The Dreamfactory,
Because dreams can come true!

What we do

The Dream Factory SA aims to help disadvantaged young people through education combined with a unique focus on social and environmental consciousness.


The educational system is based on the Dutch “MBO BBL” system. The students will attend school one day of the week, and work at one of the companies of The Dream Factory on the other four days of the week.

Within the school there will be a classification of three types of subject. The mandatory subjects, the subjects that belong to a specific education and the voluntary subjects. The process of the students is key with all the subjects. Therefore, the level will not be determined by a student’s age, nor on the level of the student’s peers, but by means of a realistically feasible level. Hence the standard is the student’s ability. Naturally, through intensive guidance the student will try to reach the highest possible result.


The organization is constructed as follows. At the top there is the school. Here, all the students will be educated and trained for the course of their dream. Beneath the school there are several companies that will provide the practical training facilities for the students. The principle is that The Dream Factory is eventually going to be completely self-sufficient, a system of supporting each other.

Financially this implies that the companies are going to earn the money that will pay for the education. So within the organization certain flows of funds will take place. This system operates under the condition that the cost price is the minimal price at which the services and products can be obtained.


The Dream Factory goes beyond education. We consider it our responsibility to make our students aware of the state our planet is in, and of the world we live in. Living a sustainable life is an essential part of that awareness, considering the fact that our children are going to live in the world we leave behind for them.

For example, the way we rapidly consume and drain fossil fuels indicates that it’s about time we show the youth of today some other options. And when we say “show them”, that’s exactly what we mean. We show them by doing it ourselves; for them to see with their own eyes.

Our Mission / Vision


Within five years after the launch, The Dream Factory expects to be the market leader in the field of high-quality professional trained specialists. The emphasis is not on the quantity of students but on the quality. Financially, we expect the intended self-sustainable character of the organization to be visible in the annual figures.

The organization not only aims to be market leader, but also to be the blueprint of achieving a change in the current educational system.

We want to be the first school in tertiary education that offers free schooling to those who cannot afford this. Eventually, The Dream Factory aims to fulfil this role in all upcoming economies.

Sustainability will be the common thread running through the entire policy of the organization. We will accomplish this by using clean energy sources and using these wisely and efficiently.


The Dream Factory Foundation is an organization that is committed to offering affordable education to disadvantaged youngster in Cape Town, South Africa. We focus on youngsters at risk from the districts where obtaining a decent education is a rare commodity. Our courses aim to boost the local economy within a relatively short period of time. By providing the local population with professional knowledge, a solid base is created for giving an impulse to employment and hence the local economy.

We aim to create a learning environment that challenges and inspires our students. We want to implement this by creating a workplace where enjoying the job is at the heart.

The organization will keep involving the sponsors and contributors at all time through transparency. The organization also has a social responsibility. This can be seen in the sustainability policy of The Dream Factory. By means of the mentioned aspects, The Dream Factory has a groundbreaking and innovative character which it wants to be known for.

From the start, The Dream Factory has to become a household name in South Africa. In due time, The Dream Factory aims to become an international standard in education. A new outlook on schooling, which connects to the actual demands of society.

The Founders

Marnix Donker

Age 32
From Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Occupation Chef

Born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Married to Monique Palanyandi from Cape Town, South Africa. Two children, Mikah and Abby. I have been working in the hospitality industry in various positions for most of my career.

In 2003 I left for Cape Town for a year to work as a teacher in Food Technology at a school for children at risk. After working in The Netherlands in hospitality again, I felt it was time to use my experience and to start my dream: The Dream Factory.


Marijn van Amerongen

Age 35
From Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Occupation Teacher of English

After working in hospitality, a homeless shelter and as a teacher of English in secondary education, I felt I needed to do something for disadvantaged youngsters beyond the Dutch borders. My first visit to South Africa, in 2011, made it clear to me: this is the spot!

Having travelled over the world, the feeling of “coming home” has never been so strong. South Africa embraced me, and in return I want to help young people in South Africa realize their dreams.



We need your help!

To achieve our goal of being able to offer cheap and accessible education to disadvantaged youngsters, we need all the help we can get!

Financial, political and other resources are of vital importance for the success of this project.

We deeply believe that solving poverty, criminality and economical problems can be realized with the help of many.

Contact us

So please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel that you can contribute. Check out our Facebook page or contact us directly through e-mail.

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